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This story is about my family. My uncle adopted a child at the age of 3 months. They loved him a lot. Then my uncle blessed by a baby girl. Still, they did not show any regulation on the adopted child. Loved as usual. They protected him and cared for him as usual parents do. Sometimes they don’t even have money to buy food but they took loans from relatives, friends and maintained their family.

Finally, they have 4 children. one adopted boy and 3 girls. Still, they loved him without any partiality. Even they send him to a great…

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How do you feel if you are terminated from your job?

Will you get another job within a month?

How you can survive until that?

What bout your family?

The solution for all the questions is “Savings”. You should save money always, every day whatever be your salary. Savings should be mandatory. Every day we eat food without any other forcing. It is because our body needs enough energy and nutrients. Like that we should adapt this savings habit to ourselves. We can get money through different resources. …

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First of all just thing why they cheat you?..Is their any problem in you or else without reason they are cheating..Just sit-down and think peacefully. This is delicate situation where you should deal alone.. No one will help you or support you..So just relax,calm down and sit and just think what are your con’s..why he/she is cheating you?

Then you will get answer. In rare condition you may not get answer..then you just try to know about the third party or culprit with whome your partner is having affair.Just follow her.. Know about her..Then you compare yourself with her..you will…

I have a best friend. I always fight with him. I always hurt him. I always discourage him. But I cannot see others hurting him.. I cannot see others discouraging him. I cannot see others fighting with him..Is this love or possessiveness…I don’t know.. But this is true friend ship..Because I can feel it..Acting is not true friendship

Many people do love or friendship for money,beauty etc etc.But it never lasts..True friendship and love will happen with heart. It happens unexpectedly but it will last life long..If …

As soon as we enter our higher education i.e degree level or post graduation,we feel to miss school..Why this happens? Whats special in school? Following are the things which i remember and you will have your own memories

  1. Putting pencil on the bench when my friend sitting ..
  2. Helping friends in exams by telling answers.
  3. Cracking jokes in assembly..
  4. Playing cricket matches with other school’s for money.
  5. Playing flames for a girl and boy.
  6. Asking break for no reasons.
  7. Eating lunch in classes.
  8. Crying in farewell time.. and many more sweet memories

Every school life is one memorable thing..So remember your friends and contact them and meetup…Because school age is not filled with Igo ,attitude and jealousy …But it is filled with happiness..

Many people from small age to old age try to hurt animals like cats,dogs and many other domestic animals..They try to pour water on them.Some try to beat it with ball..Some people try to throw stones on dogs..But why?..They cannot complaint against you thats’y all are doing like this or else showing personal angers on this small animals..Is it fair??No animal hurts you without your action…Please try to understand animals…

Benefits of animals:

  1. They will protect you from enemies
  2. They will safe guard your home
  3. They will love you more than humans

Try to love them then they love more…

It takes lot of hard-work dudes..Not a small thing..I will share my experiences. I uploaded my skills in all freelancing platforms..No one contacted me. I waited for a long time. Still no use.. I was totally down because outside lock-down and other side no jobs,no money then some how should make money.Without money day does not move..So finally i uploaded my work samples in all social media..Personally messaged many people..Explained about my work culture..Finally i got one guy…uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..after lot of efforts and lot of time got one client that too for subject clearance..he need some help in his algorithms. Finally…

Main reason is the way you think and the way you feel…A disabled person or a person who met with accident and later if he become disabled…this kind of peoples heart will be firing…Because they are not like all..they are physically challenged…All people bully them..tease them..hate them..No one will be ready to marry them..Still they fight with them self..They will make them-self as fire-bird..They make their goals and fight for those goals.Finally they achieve them easily…You can see many people like this for example..Srikanth Bolla, Blind person but he is the CEO Of Bollant Industries…

When coming to normal people…

If you married a girl whome you love and you have one bestie then this may lead to trauma for you..Some partners dont like you to be close with any other friend they feel jealous or possessive..

Reasons of possessiveness

  1. If you spent more time with your bestie..
  2. If you give more importance to your bestie.
  3. If you compare your wife with your bestie..

Solution for this problem..

Either you should leave your friend or else you should leave your wife..If you cannot leave both of them then explain them ..make them to attend one meeting and you briefly explain…

Loving a person is not at all mistake but expecting the same love from other person is bit a mistake..Because we cannot force any people to stay in our life..As you force them then they feel to go far from you…Every person in this world may encounter this situation..There is a lot of difference between loving and acting..Loving will not lead to heart broken but acting or ditching leads to this breakup.Whatever you feel just keep it open because later our partner will face lot of problems..Before loving a person think once because if emotional attachment..You cannot play with any…

Faiz Khan

Software Guy….(Keep it simple..Don’t complicate…)..You can contact me on faiz.khandec28@gmail.com..

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